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This book, however, did not meet my standards. If I were to choose to write a book about murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes and cheaters, I would first do some research on how these people speak and act.

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This book, however, did not meet my standards.

If I were to choose to write latina escorts new paterson book about murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes and cheaters, I would first do some research on how these people speak and act. The authors seem to be incredibly naive regarding the behavior and language of prostitutess characters.

Although I do not associate with this crowd, I have read enough books and seen enough television and movies to believe that these eayne do not use such phrases as "girly-men," "pussy-wussies" and "panty-waists'" when really upset.

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Instead of using the intended word, the authors chose to write "effing" on occasion. While I can respect the authors' efforts to avoid using foul language, I have to question if they were actually attempting to write a believable story. The language is so distracting and laughable that it takes away from the story and makes the authors less credible. I find it hard to believe that a man would hire fory hookers, fall asleep while they are still in his hotel room, then wake up in "disbelief" that peostitutes money was missing.


He left his wallet out all night when hookers were in his room. Again, this is not my type of crowd, but I would know to lock up my valuables if I had prostitutes in my hotel room.

When referring to the act of sex, the waayne chose to use the phrase "doin' the nasty. Usually, the characters would meet up, flirt, then they would "be done," as the authors put it.

No actions were ever described while the characters were "doin' the nasty. While it is commendable that the tranny escorts birmingham do not have ificant experience with hangovers, the reader would suggest asking around or reading Stephen King for pointers on how to describe such situations. Regarding the writing style, each character should have his or her OWN voice. The authors apparently did not understand this.

Fort wayne prostitutes

Nearly all of the characters in this book spoke the same manner with the exception of Ferrell, who was supposed to be a British man, so he would say things like "Bollocks! If the authors did not write " older escorts hartford said" waynee or before the dialogue, wwayne reader would have had a hard time deciding which character was speaking, simply because nearly all of the characters had the same style of speaking and same vocabulary.

The authors are obviously from Fort Wayne, IN.

Fort wayne prostitutes

So am I. Although these writers do not seem to know how to do their research regarding character development, they are sure to describe every location, street, intersection, landmark, neighborhood, and big family name in Fort Wayne.

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I understand that they were from Fort Wayne; however, the reader does not need to know that Pierre's bar is located on St. Joe and St. Joe Center, nor does the reader need to know exactly where Jefferson Pointe is located. This information took up room in the book that could have been used for further character development, rather than detailed descriptions of where everything was located.

The authors' descriptive abilities would have been better put to use with character development rather than descriptions of where everything women seeking nsa burnet located in Fort Wayne.

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I also found it humorous that, although the authors clearly know their way around Fort Wayne, they apparently lack basic geographical knowledge regarding our surrounding states. For example, at one point, the main character was in Los Angeles.

On her way home, she flew to Chicago, then to Indianapolis, then waybe Fort Wayne. The flight to Indianapolis was completely unnecessary. Also, the millionaire main character apparently needed to stop to purchase a map in order to drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If she was a millionaire inI wonder why she did not have a GPS in her car.

I had one in my car beforeand I'm far from a millionaire.

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In the defense of the authors, I think the storyline and plot were great. The actual story was creative. I was interested to find out how it would end, which is why I actually finished the book instead of putting it down out of frustration with the lack of writing ability. I did not actually predict the ending, so I was pleasantly surprised at how the orostitutes was concluded. They just needed a lot of assistance in the delivery and presentation of the story; hence, the one star rating.