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Self Explanatory Trump's 'losers' and 'suckers' troops scandal is one final call to action for America Trump is a figure born of privilege who views people as pawns.

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Story already refuted, but this is what we are up against.

Just like the Fake Dossier. You fight and and fight, and then people realize it was a total fraud!

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Trump realDonaldTrump September 4, At this critical moment, what the nation needs most is clarity. We need truth.

Military guy looking for action

We are tired of being shocked and tired of yet another cycle of presidential rage and denials. Because he has before.

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Upon reading the Atlantic article, I was angry. Sadly, I was not surprised.

Military guy looking for action

These allegations are consistent with numerous other comments and actions made by Trump over the past three years that, taken together, demonstrate a clear pattern of disrespect toward the military. John McCain, R-Ariz.

The Tragedy of the American Military lovely lady Arielle

Trump even resisted lowering the flag over the White House when McCain died. Former Defense Secretary and retired Marine Gen.

Military guy looking for action

James Mattis observed that Trump used troops as political props for a photo op in Lafayette Park. Related Opinion Trump's new pardons send a scary message: The military is just a 'killing machine' These are not gaffes, nor jodie normal escort they the blunders of a man who simply lacks empathy.

This transactional worldview explains the fact that he simply cannot fathom why anyone would volunteer to serve.

Military guy looking for action

It is incomprehensible to him. Why did he the military? You work so hard for the military, from completely rebuilding a depleted zction that was left by OBiden, to fixing a broken V.

Trump realDonaldTrump September 5, Soldiers and their families appreciate increases in pay. Trump will, of course, continue to deny these accusations.

He will spin the Atlantic article as yet another hoax. Former Vice President Joe Biden, for one, isn't buying it.

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Because if you do believe he said these things, you simply cannot vote for him again as our commander in chief. This is of critical importance to the nation at a very difficult moment at home and abroad.

Joe Biden anger 'palpable' about Trump's comments about soldiers who died Sept. The allegations have since been corroborated by two senior military officials in a story by AP news agency. mi,itary

Military guy looking for action

But in a tweet, the president denounced the claims as "made up fake news". However four sources told The Atlantic he rejected the idea of visiting because the rain would dishevel his hair, and he did not believe it important to honour America's war dead.

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There's no money in serving the nation. Lioking Trump has been criticised in the past for his comments on military veterans. Mr Trump received five deferments from a military draft during the Vietnam War - four for academic reasons and one for bone spurs, a calcium build-up in the heels. Mr Trump also called McCain a "loser" for his unsuccessful run at the US presidency insomething he moss vale escorts claimed he had never done in a tweet on Tuesday.