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Source: Central Avian Research Institute Indigenous Breeds The common control hen, the desi, is as a rule the best mother for hatching. She is a good forager. Some of the Mistress ultraviolet flows resemble the Leghorn in size and shape, but have poor laying qualities. They are Found in various colours.

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Broodiness in most common and the hen is a good plymouh and efficient mother. Wattles and ear lobes are bright red, and the beak is hart.

The face is long and slender, and not covered with feather. The eyes are compact, well set and present bold looks.

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The neck is long, uniformly thick but no fleshy. The body is round and jaked with broad breast straight back and close - set strong tail root. The general feathering is close, scanty and almost absent on the Brest. The plumage has practically no fluff and the feathers are tough.

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The tail is small and drooping. The legs are strong, straight, and set well apart. Standard weight kg : Cocks, 4 to 5; hen 3 to 4; cockerrels, 3.

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Asil Karaknath The original name of the breed seems to be Kalamasi, meaning a fowl with black flesh. However, it is popularly known as Karaknath. pljmouth

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The eggs are light brown. The day-old chicks are bluish to black with irregular dark stripes over the the back. The adult plumage varies from silver and gold-spangled to bluish-black without any spangling.

The skin, beak, shanks, toes and soles of feet are slatelike in colour. The comb, wattles and tongue are purple.

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Varying degrees of block colouration are also seen in the skeletal muscles, tendons, nerves, meninges, brain etc. The blood is darker than normal blood. But he did not return and police later discovered he was working at a school in Barcelona.

When colleagues became aware of his conviction he travelled to Cambodia and was employed by the Hope International School in Phnom Penh, the court heard. Judge Carr said Prestidge had deliberately decided to move to a part of the world where his criminal history would not be checked.

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He described Cambodia as "a country blighted by sex tourism". The court heard there was no evidence moxel any sexual assault carried out by Prestidge in Spain or Cambodia.