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University of California, Berkeley T he Mongols reached Europe inon a reconnaisance of the western extent of the Eurasian steppe, the land on which Mongol armies could most easily support themselves "wherever a horse is able to tread. The detachment crossed northern Iran, wintering in Azerbaijanpassed the Caucasus mountains, spent the next winter in the Crimea, explored the Volga region, and returned to Mongolia; it fought winning battles all along the way, including one against an alliance hot women seeking fucking totally free dating Turkic Cuman nom and Russians. The incursion came to the notice of Europe, but since such nomad disturbances in that region were a common occurrence, and because the new intruders had withdrawn, apparently for good, it made little impression. In the Mongols returned, acting on the knowledge gained on their expedition: that the steppe extended into the North Pontic region Ukraine and Crimeathat their armies could therefore sustain themselves all the way-the horses eating grass and the soldiers eating horses-and that the local inhabitants were incapable of serious resistance. They overwhelmed the Cumans, Russians and Hungarians, and defeated a large army of Germans and Poles.

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