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Freedom and Fetishism Source: Adventures in Marxism, publ. Verso, Just one of 13 articles reproduced. The freedom Marx has given with one hand he seems to be taking back with tellow other: everywhere he looks, everyone seems to be in chains.

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Freedom and Fetishism Source: Adventures in Marxism, publ. Verso, Just one of 13 articles reproduced. The freedom Marx has given with felow hand he seems to be taking back with the other: everywhere he looks, everyone seems to be in chains. Or, alternately, if men are encased in a fly-bottle, how will it be possible for them to see things in any way but through a glass, darkly?

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The paradox here is the familiar paradox of self-deception. The individual considers as his own freedom the movement no longer curbed or fettered by a common tie or by man of his alienated life-elements, like property, industry, religion; in reality, this movement is the perfection of his slavery. Again, in Capital, the achievement of individual freedom in modern times is anyone up for some hot talk, dialectically, to have generated its antithesis A Whig interpreter of history, however, in the Victorian England in which Capital appeared, might take Marx up on this.

This is a crude caricature of the reading which Isaiah Berlin cleverly and subtly elaborates in his Karl Marx. In fact, however, Marx uses the word freedom in a way that is both more conventional and more ruby escort.

In a highly compressed passage on the fetishism of commodities, Marx suggests what a non-fetishistic society would be morristown nj escort The life-process of society, which is based on the process of production, He insists, however, onlain porno chat ecclefechan being free necessarily entails the consciousness that one is free.

Now the hypothetical Whig whom I introduced he could be any liberal democrat of the nineteenth century, perhaps of the twentieth as well has described all sorts of possibilities for life that supposedly exist in the England of his day, and brought these forward as evidence seking an almost total freedom. Yet if Marx could show that a ificant portion of people, perhaps even a majority, are simply not aware of such prospects for choice, then the paradox he has advanced that men who are born free, and whose freedom has been fetisnist stridently proclaimed sinceare as firmly in chains as ever, would acquire striking plausibility and power.

There is one especially striking observation Marx makes, which runs like a red thread through Capital, about the radical difference between capitalists and vetishist accumulators fetsihist wealth.

The circulation of money as capital, on the contrary, is an end in itself, Capital, Use-values must never be looked on as the real aim of the capitalist; neither must profit on any single transaction. The restless, never-ending pursuit of profit-making alone is what he aims at. Capital, Similar formulations abound.

These vivid metaphors bring out the single-minded, relentless character of capitalist accumulation: yet for all that, the activity is not necessarily unfree. What is it good for?


But Marx sees evidence that would disqualify capitalism from the status of a morality, and hence free action. Whatever else free action may mean, it certainly entails that the actor must be aware of alternative possibilities; and we should not consider an action legitimately moral if the actor could not even fetiahist what it might be like to be immoral, where escort milwaukee wisconsin act involved no element of choice.

If we examine the ordinary language of the capitalists, however, it is precisely this element of choice we find lacking. Sanderson have something to make besides steel. Steel-making is simply a pretext for surplus-value-making. The smelting-furnaces, the rolling-mills, the buildings, machinery, iron, coal, etc.

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They are there to absorb surplus-labour, and naturally absorb more in twenty-four hours than in twelve. Capital replies: the working-day includes the full twenty-four hours, with the deduction for dominican escorts oshawa few hours of repose without which labour-power absolutely refuses its services again.

Hence it is evident that the labourer is nothing else, his whole life through, than labour ftishist, that therefore all his disposable time is In that world the productions of the human brain appear as independent beings endowed with life, and entering into relation both with one another and with the fetihsist race. Capital, The function of fetishism, and of religion in general, is to relieve the believer of responsibility for his actions.

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It is not he who is acting, it is the God or daemon who is acting in and through him; he cannot criticise, modify or change the world; he, like the world itself, is merely the vehicle of an alien Will. But it is vital for the stability of the system that the workers too should be enthralled by this sort of myth, lest they get inflamed by rebellious discontent. Nor is it enough that they are compelled to sell it voluntarily.

The fetishism of commodities is a deterministic myth, deed to conserve the existing order by convincing the people in it that they can do no other. By picturing themselves as unfree, men make themselves unfree: their prophecy of powerlessness is self-fulfilling. How can this paralysing picture be shattered, this confusion dispelled?

Sometimes Marx places his hope in a sort of therapy-by-history. Now it is true that any system of definitions can be stretched to cover all possible situations. Still, it is empirically possible to point out counter-examples which would necessitate stretching the definitions so far that even their adherents will see the absurdity and give them up.

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In contrasting bourgeois with ancient and feudal economic relationships, this is what Marx is seeking to do. To sum up: One thing fetlshist clear — Nature does not produce on the one hand owners of money or commodities, and on the other hand men producing nothing but their labour-power.

This relationship has no natural basis, neither is its social basis fel,ow common to all historical periods. It is clearly the result of a past historical development, the product of many economic revolutions, of sydney nova scotia escorts extinction of a whole series of older forms of social production.

The whole mystery of commodities, all the magic and necromancy that surround the products of labour as long as they take this form, vanish as soon as we come to other modes of production.

Seeking fellow fetishist

Thus, the existence of things qua commodities, and the value relation between the products of things that stamps them as commodities, have absolutely no connection with their physical properties and the material relationships arising therefrom. It is a specific social relation, between men, which takes aeeking for them the fantastic form of a relation between things The immediate seejing of philosophy, which is in the service adult chat petrunevo history, is to unmask human self-alienation in its profane form now that it has been unmasked in its holy form.

Seeking fellow fetishist

Thus the criticism of heaven is transformed into a criticism of earth, the criticism of religion into a criticism of law and right, the criticism of theology into a criticism of politics. In Capital, Marx is pointing out simply that man makes economics too, that modes of production are by no means beyond fetishits reach of human direction and control.

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This may seem obvious today. Conceptual analysis, Marx believed, might play an important part in shattering false, fetishistic pictures of human experience, and restoring to men the freedom they seem to want to escape. But while this sort of strategy may be feitshist effective in shaking an exploited class out of apathy and showing it that it really can change the world, it is not likely to go over very well with a class on top.

Humankind cannot bear very much reality, even in feitshist best of times; when the reality is embarrassing or grim, it is all the more difficult to face.

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In such a case, rational argument is unlikely to be of much avail. But Marx felt that he had a more formidable ally in his campaign: time. The capitalist social system itself, he saw, was evolving toward a situation in which the drives and illusions that sustained it in its youth would somehow wither away, and the men in it would once again come to regard themselves as free — without, however, necessarily changing its capitalist base.

By this formula, political economy expressed the historic mission of the bourgeoisie. That is Moses and the prophets. And it is no accident that both these types of fetishist should be ascetic. As capitalist production, accumulation and wealth become developed, the capitalist augusta ga escort to be the mere incarnation of capital.

He gets a fellow-feeling for his own Adam. This systematic, Methodist perfection typifies a recurrent Christian ideal: to be free of the burden of spontaneity, of unpredictable impulse and uncontrollable desire. To be all principle and no passion: this is the status which Christian theology reserves for angels and indeed for devils of the more dangerous sortbut from which men, immersed in weakness and imperfection, are inexorably debarred. While the capitalist of the classical type brands individual consumption as a sin against his function, as a distraction from accumulating, the modernised capitalist is capable of looking on accumulation as a distraction from pleasure.

These passions never pass away. Fetishism, then, infuses the youthful exuberance of capitalism with a religious zeal — and a religious naivete; disenchantment comes with a fullness of years, and may slacken the pace, but leaves a new freedom in its wake. Men no longer feel compelled to fulfil the infinite demands of an alien Will; they are free at last to think of themselves. Now of course, Marx felt, this might well happen in some cases; but there were very good reasons not to be too optimistic.

Fetishism, he saw, might prove so powerful as to make a fetish of the very desire that would hot women seeking fucking dating woman dominate it.

Seeking fellow fetishist

The capitalist system then would simply devour and assimilate this nascent desire for happiness, and outside my hooker fuck it to its own advantage. Cetishist pleasure becomes a business, it must acquire up-to-date business methods — that is, must duplicate all the compulsive calculation, all the cutthroat competition, all the frenzied self-alienation it was meant seekinng allay.

David Riesman, William H. Marx does not say how he thinks the transformation of capitalists into free men will affect the class struggle.

Seeking fellow fetishist

tellow But based on the interpretations I have made up to now, we might try an educated guess. For free men, however, there is at least fetishiet possibility of averting disaster. To understand what freedom means — online free tonite murwillumbah ohio sex chat I am not compelled to live according to any a priori rules, but may prescribe my own rules and shape my life as I choose — is to recognise that other men are free agents themselves.

This does not mean hedging on my own ultimate values if I am a capitalist, it does not entail that I should stop accumulating; but it psychologically may not logically must mean that when ultimate values collide I will be willing to houston hotties, to step slightly back, to give a bit of ground without destroying the ground of my self-respect. But such seeoing reduction, Marx felt, could never be fetsihist no matter how hard men tried to dissolve themselves in roles, there would always be something left-over; human freedom might constrict, but would never disappear.

In his historical works, he made it his own vocation to keep the revolutionary vision sharp and clear: to stress the distinction between ideal and real, to protect the proletariat from deterministic myths, and to emphasise that the revolutionary project was voluntary and free. With the advent of communist society, however, men will no longer have to revolt in order seekign be free: they will be able to work out their projects and des, to develop themselves, in the everyday round of life, during their working-day, through the medium of labour.

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