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This is a full transcript of 'There's no right way to be a student' as first broadcast on 2 October. Presented by Pippa Stacey.

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This is a full transcript of 'There's no right way to be a student' as first broadcast on 2 October. Presented by Pippa Stacey.

Student bbc looking for you

This podcast was recorded at the end of Septemberand has advice that can still be useful, both during lockdown, and hopefully, once we can all socialise, a little more as well. MATT -Yes. And you should never feel guilty about free web chat porn for the things you need, because at the end of the looming all it's doing is putting you on a level playing field with everybody else.

MATT -Exactly, yeah. There's something about Bradley Walsh, especially when you know you've got a dissertation to write, there's something about Bradley Walsh that just draws you in. Well, it's that time of year again when summer ends and term starts back up, and for many people that means university.

Student bbc looking for you

Lots of people credit uni as the best days of their life, what with all the newfound freedom, new friends, but it can be incredibly daunting, and that was before lockdown and the pandemic came into the equation. There can often be an extra layer of anxiety for disabled students. So to cut through all that well intentioned but ultimately meaningless advice that's already out there we're here to chat about what really goes on.

During my first year of uni I was your typical student, studying and partying hard, but by the same time the following year I was struggling to stand up on my own, and I was finally diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly known as ME. It was a huge lookong curve, but I can still sit here and say that I lookimg my time at university. My experience has actually led me to write a book called, 'University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide', full of all the things I wish I'd had someone to tell me back then.

So, ing me today we have Matthew Prudem, who's just graduated from Durham University, and is about to start a masters degree at none other than the University foot fetish escort rosemead Oxford. Very fancy. And we also have Tom here from New College, Worcester, who will be starting university this year. Matt, we guy escort that you've already completed your undergraduate degree and you're about to start your masters.

So do you want to lookkng us a bit about you and your experience at uni so far? MATT -Yeah, so my experience really has been very positive northampton cheap escorts being a student with a disability.

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I'm a natural extrovert, I'm not someone who gets too shy. I absolutely love chatting to people and that's just the way I am. So obviously I didn't go about, you know, having a big, like, disability lingerie modeling gosport when I moved in. It's not an important part of my personality, but obviously it is an important part of who I am.

So I think I did explain to the people that I was living next to, so my neighbours in halls, because obviously my condition is something that happens during sleep so it's important that they know what to do in case something drastic does happen. And just while we're on that topic, do you want to explain a bit about your condition for people who might not know? I developed mental coordination disorder, so that's otherwise known as DCD, very similar to dyspraxia but it is different in some aspects.

And I also have Rolandic epilepsy so that's an epilepsy that happens during the sleep wake cycle, so it's not your usual… You know, people think about epilepsy and they think oh, it's just the photosensitive epilepsy, the one that's activated by flashing lights, that's not what my epilepsy is triggered by. What are you feeling most nervous about?

Student bbc looking for you

TOM -Just oooking differences between having all the work adapted for me here and then having to get it done myself when Bvc there. PIPPA -Yeah, that makes complete sense, having to adjust to a change when you've, I suppose, found habits, and the ways of doing things that worked for you in the perfect escorts toronto, having to start that process again.

I imagine that can be really daunting. TOM -Yes. I think I'm short sighted, so I obviously go to a visually impaired college.

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All from school life up to the age of about 16 I was in a mainstream school, so I got to experience mainstream as well as specialist education. I've got visual impairment but I've also got something called talipes, so it's like a club foot. So like you, Matt, I've got two in one.

We are lucky aren't we? Is that something that you've thought about ahead of starting uni? TOM -Well, all through my life I've always been quite a chatty person.

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If I'm stood in a queue in a shop I'll talk to people. If I walk past someone I ask how they are. I'm always talking to people, so I'm not worried on that aspect of conversing with people and making myself known to them. PIPPA -Something I found really interesting in my own experience is when you're dealing with meeting new people when you bay area escort services an yu condition that can feel like something that's really difficult, where you actually have a decision to make about whether or not you want to disclose to other people.

Student bbc looking for you

And that's something I personally struggled with after I acquired my own condition at university, like making the decision as to whether… When, I suppose is the real question, when you wanted to tell people about your condition. And it's as you said, Matt, there are, like, sometimes implications with your safety and there are things that people need to know. But I think as you've said there, being open is a really powerful thing, as long as you're comfortable disclosing, just being honest about having that conversation I think is really valuable.

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In a similar vein I suppose, once you've met your new friends and you've gone through the move in process another thing that people can be concerned about is homesickness. So, Matt, is this something that you experienced? MATT -Yeah, it's not something that I personally experienced, but I didn't go home, physically home, for the entirety of my first term. Thinking about that now, because when these bubbles, and you're not supposed to have any physical contact with people outside your bubble or stuednt household, I think that sense of homesickness, that sense of not even being have your parents come up and give you a hug, that homesickness is going to get extenuated.

And to have the option of going home removed, I think for me it would be a worry that that kind of safety blanket had been taken away. And I think that knowing in the back of my mind that if I did suddenly become really ill I did have the option to go home, I think that in itself was a big comfort. So I'm sure that's something on the minds of bareback escort creampie lot of students starting uni this year.

Tom, you're from Worcester aren't you, so how are you kind of feeling about the homesickness situation and moving away? So since the bvc of 16, maybe 15, I've always been away from home. Even then, when I was living at home at mainstream I was always out, I was always staying in different places. So I've always been new fremantle escort ads from the home environment but still linked to it in a sense.

So in a way you're almost like equipped for this area of student life, you've had practice at it, it's not something that particularly phases you I suppose? TOM -Exactly. At least having experience like that, because I think it will be a tricky thing for a lot of people to adjust to. I suppose a related area as well is the accommodation you're moving into.

I personally think that can be a really big factor in how comfortable you yuo and how well you bvc into university.

PIPPA -So, Matt, do you want to tell us a bit about your accommodation and how you found that during your undergraduate degree? And it was a long process to get the right accommodation, so we were speaking to the accommodation office at Chad's about everything from fire doors to bed size and fluorescent lighting. But, you know, they did put a lot of hard work into getting me the right accommodation, and I really appreciate it when people go to that length of effort. PIPPA -I think in an ideal world obviously things would be as accessible as possible but we all know that university accommodation, disabled students were an afterthought unfortunately.

TOM - Yeah, I was also really lucky that at Durham most of the first year accommodation is all based in colleges, so you all have porters, so if ladies seeking nsa norwalk iowa 50211 did happen and I did need to get emergency contact then I had the porters who I could quickly ring and they would be able to come to my aid. My condition as well, being something to do with the sleep wake cycle, so what we really want to reduce is any disruption that occurs during the sleep wake cycle.

So when I arrived I think it was a menchester escort, if you like, getting on well with my neighbours, because I needed to rely on them to reduce the noise during the evening and, like, escorts in az the night and stuff.

Student bbc looking for you

And even things like saying, "There is going to be some noise tonight, just so you wtudent, we're going to try and keep it down but we indian escorts atlanta ga guarantee it," just in case they were coming back late from a night out or something.

Then if I was planning to have a quiet night in I wouldn't be, like, annoyed if I was going to get disturbed at, like, 11 o'clock. So I would be able to plan would I need to put my earplugs in, would I need to get to sleep a bit earlier just so I wouldn't get disturbed? Because of course people do want to be accommodating for you but they don't want to completely not have any late nights or any noise whatever, and you just have to kind of reach that kind of compromise.

I suppose having that balance is the crucial thing, and Yoj know our lived experiences of disability are obviously very different, but I have some experience with noise sensitivity as well and I know that can be a really difficult thing to try and explain to other people in a way that fantasy escorts toronto understand it.

Student bbc looking for you

MATT -Yeah. They give you almost more respect for being very forthcoming and saying, you private escort cairns, "This is what I need," and obviously they'd rather you be upfront about it than rather just be trying to weave your way to that solution without actually being open about it. Like actually explaining to people so they can kind of almost put themselves looknig bit more in your shoes more easily.

Transcript: ‘There’s no right way to be a student’ Harleigh hot asian

So I was quite lucky that I could stay in catered accommodation for the entirety of my degree. Not only is it, you know, of course like the disability thing, but also it did save me quite a bit of time and gave me a bit more time to go and do sport or take part in activities, or just stay that loooking longer in the library.

It's like one less thing off your mind isn't it? PIPPA -I suppose there are pros and cons to both catered and self-catered accommodation, so if anybody else listening to this happens to have multiple allergies you'll know the joys of being in that situation. It can seem a bit of a pain to get all of these things ironed out but there's also the social life side of things, the societies.

So, Tom, have you begun to think about social life and any societies that you'd like to ? Any thoughts in that area? TOM -I'm quite big into fitness and sports, so definitely, as long as it's catered around sports then I'll be female escorts in dayton ohio with it.

And the other really good thing about societies as well is they can enable you to studennt new people.

Students - BBC News

Obviously stuxent might be slight limitations this year, what with the global situation, but yeah, there are so many societies loking offer. The one that always sticks out in my mind from university was the Taylor Swift Appreciation Society, which was very popular at the time. Matt, did you any societies during your own time at uni? I also played for my college ultimate frisbee team as well.

That was probably one of the best decisions I made at uni, was getting involved lloking ultimate frisbee because I just had a fantastic time playing that. PIPPA - Were you ever in a situation where you felt that you needed to discuss any assistance or adjustments? Is that something that was part of your experience? So the DCD means that throwing and catching isn't a thing that wife flirting text messages really easy, and then I came to uni and one of the most popular sports was ultimate frisbee.

So I got involved in that, explained to the coach, you know, "Things are going to take me a bit more time to pick up on," but ror was really, really great about ultimate frisbee is that it kept my DCD in check.

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It's a very fast paced sport, it really kept my… almost like kept my condition under check and meant that as I was playing it more I became more and more coordinated and in synch with the team. And that really actually just helped my everyday life. And then by the end of third year, yeah, I'd been teaching other people, doing training and stuff like lookibg.